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September 30, 2009

I Never Meant

Filed under: Side Stories — Joana @ 9:48 pm

And yet another product of a prompt in Fiction Writing, this time to start a story with “I never meant”. Enjoy.

I never meant to tell my father I hate him. I don’t regret it because I still say he’s to blame for making us miserable, even though Mom was the one that hired the divorce lawyers first.

“He’s not such a bad guy, Michael,” Miranda liked to tell me whenever she thought I was listening. This time we were sitting on the grassy lawn out back of our dorm, watching the first colors of autumn spiral to the ground. “He’s human, that’s all. And Mom’s a lot happier without him there to jump down her throat every chance he gets.” A bright-red leaf came drifting in on the wind and landed in her hair, tangling in the multiple braids she wore today.

“I know, but I feel like Mom expects me to apologize or something,” I said. A couple was walking by now, smiling at each other as they talked. I recognized the guy as one of Miranda’s friends and ducked my head. I didn’t know him and didn’t feel like making it seem like it was okay for him to come in on the conversation. To my relief, he just waved at us and let his girlfriend pull him along.

“Well, do you want to?” Miranda asked once they were gone. I sighed and watched another leaf spiral to the ground to join its brethren.

“No, but I know I have to.”


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