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October 6, 2009


Filed under: Side Stories — Joana @ 10:24 pm

Another novel side story from a Fiction Writing prompt.  Enjoy!

“You read too much.”

I glanced up to see my friend Misty standing over me.  I rose an eyebrow.  Misty was in the writing program and you knew something was wrong if you didn’t see her with a pen behind her ear and a notebook clutched to her chest.  I liked to joke that her notebooks had ‘chest dents’ because after she had been using one long enough, it would be curved in the middle horizontally.

Which is why what she was saying to me seemed so bizarre.

“You write a novel every November,” I said.  “and you’re accusing me of reading too much?”

“Well it’s weird,” Misty said, sitting down on the couch beside me.  Most people were taking advantage of the good weather since Fall in Maine never guaranteed it would last long.  “You’re in the math and science program, so you’re supposed to be all logical.  But here you reading…” She stopped and bent a little, and I held up my book so she could see the title.  “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” She frowned.  “Even I haven’t read that one.”

“Do you wanna borrow it?  I’ve already read it,” I said.  Misty glanced at the cover and nodded.  I shut the book and handed it to her.  She smiled and stood up, heading outside.

Well, so much for my afternoon.


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