Artistic License

October 6, 2009

Some random musings…

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As a lot of you who are reading this blog might know, Artistic License is based around a cast of already-established characters.  Michael, Cameron et al come from my That’s Life series, posted on my FictionPress account.  I actually self-published the first book in that series after doing some editing to it to get rid of typos, consistency errors etc.  I’ve been wanting to write an actually publishable novel about these kids for a long time, though I never really got the drive for it.  I’m really hoping that NaNoWriMo can get me through that and give me a workable manuscript.  Breaking into publishing with Michael and Cameron would be awesome 😀

That said, I haven’t quite worked-out the plot yet.  Of course I know it’s from Cameron’s point of view and that it takes place at Clearbell Academy of Fine Arts.  Cameron’s a visual arts student, Michael’s in math/science, Miranda is dance, Misty is a writer, Shawn’s in photography, Cameron’s old flame Jean is also in visual arts but a year ahead, etc.

Hmm.  For those of you who have read Half Truths, what do you think Devin’s focus would be?  Just a side note.

I still have an entire month, I suppose.  I’m working on one of those character sheets for Miranda, so that might get posted tomorrow.


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