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November 1, 2009

NaNo site novel excerpt

Filed under: Novel excerpts — Joana @ 2:57 am

“That is the real world,” I said, finally giving up and putting the charcoal away for good. Apparently today wasn’t my day. “It’s real for us anyway.” Michael stared out the window for a bit before smiling.

“Yeah, I guess,” he said. “I kind of prefer this, though.” He waved around the room, and I stopped the process of putting away my supplies.

“What, being cooped up in this stuffy room and getting high from paint fumes?” I said with a smile. Michael shook his head, a piece of black hair falling in his eyes. I impulsively reached over and tucked it behind his ear.

“No, Cameron, being in here with you.” He started to lean forward for a kiss, but we were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. Michael frowned and leaned back, and I got up and stretched my arms in the air as I went to see who it was.

“Can I help you?” I asked. The guy that had knocked the door started backing away in a nervous sort of way.

“I’m sorry, I must’ve gotten the wrong room,” he said. “You seen anyone else head through here?” I shook my head, glancing down the hall. All of the studio rooms were kept closed as a rule, so you couldn’t really tell if one was in use unless you knocked. I glanced back at Michael, who seemed preoccupied with something going on outside the window.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Devin.” He had been slowly backing away again, but he stopped when I turned away from Michael.

I carefully stepped out of the studio room. I could see Michael get up, so I didn’t let the door fall closed until he had come out to see what I was going to do.

“Hey!” I called down the hall. “If there’s a guy in here friends with a blond guy named Devin, he’s looking for you!”

There was a general rustle and I was returned with swears and lewd gestures sticking out of studio rooms, but one opened to reveal a guy with black hair and red highlights. Devin had been cringing after I yelled down the hall, but upon seeing who he was apparently looking for, he said his thanks and headed down the hall.

“Was that entirely necessary, Cameron?” Michael asked, leaning against the closed door and folding his arms. The door to the studio Devin’s friend was in fell closed, and I shrugged.

“No, but it was fun,” I said, smiling.

“You use that excuse a lot,” Michael said, getting out of the way so I could open the door to the studio room. I licked my lips but resisted the urge to press him against the wall. Instead I settled for a short kiss before opening the studio door.

“Life’s fun, Mike. And don’t you forget it.”


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