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November 2, 2009

Novel excerpt- November 2’nd

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“Well it’s mostly because you and Michael have such a good relationship,” Misty told me as we sat there in the hall in the few minutes between classes. I had told her about what happened between Devin and Jamie in the Laundromat at breakfast, and she had said she’d get back to me on it. Then, as I was headed for my afternoon studio class, she had pulled me aside in the hall and decided she needed to explain it to me. “You two hardly ever have any serious problems, so it seems weird for you when you see people that do.”

“Michael’s my boyfriend, though. And they’re best friends. It’s not exactly the same, is it?” I had my legs stretched out into the hall since people weren’t really coming through right then, but I had to pull them in as a group went by. Once I was out of the danger of being trampled on, I looked back over to Misty.

“Well, true but…” She glanced down to her notebook, which she had set on her lap. “I don’t know. I have a few guesses about what’s going on between them, but you know what they say about assuming.” I smiled at that, and Misty stood up.

“Anyway, I guess that Devin guy likes Sarah,” Misty continued, smiling as she clutched her notebook to her chest. “Didn’t you used to go out with her?” I nodded, averting my eyes.

“Yeah, right before I figured out I was gay,” I said. “It ended about as well as you can imagine. We don’t talk much anymore.” Misty frowned at that.

“Well I mean… what’s the problem? Not like you were cheating on her or anything,” she said. I cleared my throat and stood up myself, brushing imaginary dust from the front of my shirt.

“Yeah, well, the past is the past,” I said. “If she doesn’t want anything to do with me, I’m not gonna stop her.”


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