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November 3, 2009

Novel excerpt- November 3’rd

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“So you’ll help make sets, then?” Miranda asked. I jumped in surprise to see that she had somehow gotten to the table without my paying attention and was sitting right across from me.

“Wait, when did I agree to that?” I asked. Miranda rolled her eyes at me, vaguely reminding me of her brother. Yeah, that can get scary sometimes.

“I asked if you would and you’re like ‘yeah’,” she said. I frowned at that.

“I wasn’t even paying attention!” I said. Miranda stuck her tongue out.

“Well too bad, ‘cause you’re doing it anyway,” she said. “You and Michael both need to get more active in the school community. No one notices you!” I looked to Michael to answer that because there was no way I was going to.

“Miranda, there are enough people in this school screaming ‘Look at me!’ without us joining in,” Michael said, reaching for his milk carton. “Besides, I’m not even an arts student. Most people expect us weird math-science kids to stay in the labs all day and invent new chemicals or whatever it is they’re saying we do now.”

“And yet you hardly spend time in the sciences labs outside of class,” Miranda said. Michael glanced over to me.

“Well that’s mostly because they’re Cameron repellant,” he said. “Even if he didn’t hate spending time there I wouldn’t let him. Too much potential for breaking things.”

“Look who’s talking,” I said. “You’re not exactly graceful yourself.”

“No, but I’m more willing to follow the mandatory lab rules after a chemical spill,” Michael said, putting his milk carton down. When I rose my eyebrows, he swallowed once before saying, “Strip naked and head for the nearest chemical bath. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a class with twenty other people, you do it.” Miranda’s eyes actually went wide at that, but I started snickering.

“Sounds fun,” I said, leaning in closer to him. Michael pushed me away with one hand and went back to eating. Apparently he didn’t feel like putting up with my shenanigans tonight. I wouldn’t hold it against him. He’d been putting up with my shenanigans the entire summer previously. Even I was getting sick of myself.


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