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November 4, 2009

Novel excerpt- November 4’th

Filed under: Novel excerpts — Joana @ 11:02 pm

I managed to knock right into Michael, who had gotten back with his umbrella.

"Ready to go?" he asked, not bothering to ask about my suspicious behavior.  He was probably used to it by now.  I nodded and let him lead the way outside.

"Devin and Jamie still having issues?" Michael asked as we walked along.  The rain wasn’t as strong as it had been the other day, so the umbrella was doing its job of keeping us dry.  I stared over at Michael, who was looking ahead like it was no big deal.

"You knew about that?" I asked.  Michael nodded, glancing over at me.

"Misty said you asked her about it yesterday," he said.  "Although I  kind of have to wonder why you asked her for advice and not me." Our eyes met, and Michael rose his eyebrows.

"It wasn’t like it was important.  Just something I was curious about." I turned to face front.

"If you say so," Michael said.  I glanced over again to see he was facing front, acting like he didn’t care about it anymore.  I sighed and wrapped an arm around Michael’s shoulders, pulling him closer.

"You don’t have to be so moody," I muttered into his hair.  Michael was shorter than me by a good three inches and enjoyed complaining when I did this to him, but he didn’t say a thing.  I pulled away a little to see he had his eyes closed, and he looked up at me, annoyed, when he couldn’t lay his head on my shoulder anymore.  "I thought you wanted to go have supper." Michael pulled away from me, moving the umbrella enough so I wasn’t being protected by it anymore.  "Hey!"

"I thought you wanted to go to supper," Michael said, clearly mocking me.  I stuck my tongue out at him.



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