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November 10, 2009

Novel Excerpt- November 10’th

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Sarah didn’t really seem too happy about the fact that we wanted to bring Shawn along. It wasn’t like he was annoying or got in the way or anything, it was just that he loved taking pictures of everything, and I’m pretty sure she was afraid that he’d take pictures of her when she was still in her pajamas and had bed head from just waking up.

Of course, she may have also suspected the same thing of me, mostly because I had done it in the past. Although that was when we were ten and I was staying over for the night while my parents had a night out. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go with them at the time, of course. I saw them going out together no worse than me having to stay at a girl’s house for the night. Given, Sarah was my best friend and I didn’t exactly see her as a girl, but still. Ten year old logic. Gotta love it.

“Ah, I love hotels,” Miranda said as she floated along in the pool. Apparently we weren’t really expected to do anything for the night, but we’d be dragged along shopping at eight am sharp and were expected to get to bed so that Sarah wouldn’t have to dump cold water on us.

I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t actually do that since Miranda was still not on easy terms with her and all, but still. The prospect terrified me slightly more than the thought of going shopping with a bunch of girls.

“You are aware that Sarah only invited all of us along because you wouldn’t come without us, right?” I asked. Miranda shrugged as she easily floated along. Apparently there either weren’t a lot of guests there right then or not a lot of them wanted to use the pool, because we were the only ones there besides a couple over in the corner that seemed more concerned with flirting with each other than actually using the pool. Oh well. More pool for us.

“Yeah, I realize that,” Miranda said, moving around so that she was treading water. “I realize that Sarah’s just trying to get on my good side because she likes me but I’m extremely skeptical of her motives in getting close to me. I also realize that just a few weeks ago she still thought she had feelings for my brother’s boyfriend and was trying to manipulate his roommate so that Cameron would get jealous and want to go back to her.” Miranda kept treading water there in the middle of the pool even as Michael and I stared at her.

“Okay, so what’s the good side that’s allowing you to see past all this?” I asked.

“Sarah has her birthday money and said she’d get me clothes.”

“Ah of course.”


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  1. ‘ten year old logic. Gotta love it’

    Loved this XD

    Comment by Amna — November 11, 2009 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

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