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November 11, 2009

Novel Excerpt- November 11’th

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The door to my practice studio suddenly opened, and I turned. That was quick.

“Hello, Cameron.”

I stopped dead. It was Jean, not Michael. How in the world did he know I was here in the first place? Of course I’ve been in here a lot over the few weeks we’d been at school this year, so he’d probably seen me going in and out. Or he could be some kind of creepy stalker that was watching my every move and just waiting for an opportunity when I was alone. Yeah that’s not disconcerting at all.

“Michael’s going to be over here in a few minutes so I doubt you want to stay,” I said, turning back to start working on my drawing. Jean walked over and put a hand on my shoulder, and I jerked away from him. “I’d prefer that you didn’t touch me, thanks.”

“That’s not what you said last time,” Jean said, grinning at me as he leaned forward so that his face was right next to mine.

“That was two years ago,” I said, averting my eyes. “Besides, I asked you out and you said you didn’t want me. What makes you think I’d jump at the chance of being with you now that I have a boyfriend that actually cares about me?” Jean smiled at that, leaning more into me until his body was pressed against my back.

“Who says I didn’t care about you, Cameron?” he asked. I turned back to him, and he tilted my chin up so he could kiss me. My body went rigid as he slipped his tongue into my mouth and ran a hand through my hair. When he saw that I wasn’t protesting, he moved around so he could sit on my lap.

And that was about my limit.

I pushed Jean away from me, making him crash into the easel in front of me and yelp in pain when he hit his head on it, falling to the floor.

“Don’t ever touch me again,” I hissed, standing up from my stool. Jean stared up at me, surprised. “I’m not that gullible kid you knew two years ago, Jean. I have something good going for me and I’m not going to ruin that just because you think it would be more fun now that you have to work to get me to want you.” Jean just kept staring up at me from where he lay sprawled over my easel and canvas. “And get the hell off my drawing.” He listened to me for once, rolling himself away from it. I leaned down and picked up the canvas, then sent a glare his way. “I don’t even know why I was so upset over you.” I stood up with my canvas only to look back at Jean and see that he was smirking. “What’s so funny?”

“You were upset over me because if I didn’t want you, who would?” he said, sitting up and dusting himself off. “I am the first to admit I have surprisingly low standards. I’m guessing you probably realized that.” I glared at him, but he just kept smiling.

“Yeah, and I don’t,” I said. “And that’s why I don’t care about you anymore. I’m sure there are plenty of other gay kids here at the school for you to bother, so why don’t you go do that?” Jean rose his eyebrows at that and he stood up.

“Hmm, you raise a good point,” he said. “On the other hand, I never expected to be on the receiving end of a rejection.”

“Yeah, well, get used to it,” I muttered before turning and heading out the door. Jean stayed in there the entire time I was leaving the studio. Michael was just getting over, and he seemed a bit confused as to why I was leaving.

“Something wrong?” I asked. I glared back at the building.

“I don’t feel like drawing anymore,” I said, turning my attention down to the canvas. “You wanna head back to the musical practice?” Michael shrugged.

“Assuming you’ll protect me from the wrath of Sarah because of my escape,” he said. I smiled and wrapped my free arm around Michael’s shoulders.

“I’ll tell her you came over and convinced me that I needed to be there to work on sets,” I said. “You’ll still come out as the good guy and any yelling Sarah wants to do will be directed at me.”

“You’d be willing to sacrifice yourself to the dragon?” he asked, eyebrows raised and voice only half-joking. I shrugged, lowering my arm to wrap around his waist and pulling him closer.

“Well, if Sarah’s the dragon, that would make me the knight and you the damsel in distress,” I said with a smirk. Michael glared at me, but that glare didn’t have the same effect that it usually did. I let my canvas fall to the ground so I could tilt him back dramatically, pressing my lips against his.

When I finally pulled away, Michael wasn’t glaring anymore. I smiled down at him. “Better?”

“I’d be better if you let me stand up, Cameron,” he said. I complied, still smiling the entire time. Michael had to take a step back to steady himself before we were ready to continue on.


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  1. Aw.
    This made me smile. (:

    Comment by Alice — November 11, 2009 @ 9:56 pm | Reply

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