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November 17, 2009

Novel Excerpt- November 17’th

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“I swear Sarah is trying to stalk me,” he said. “She just… won’t leave me alone. She isn’t even asking about you or Miranda, she’s just like ‘Oh hey, Michael, how are you doing?’.” I kind of blinked at him, still holding him around the shoulders.

“Isn’t that what’s known as basic human interaction?” I asked. Michael kind of gave me a look before making me let go of him. “I’m just saying! You aren’t exactly the most social person in the world. Shawn’s all but said that you scare the bejeesus out of him.” Michael had been going over to his stool, but he just kind of stopped and looked back to me.

“Bejeesus? Seriously?” he asked. When I didn’t respond, he shook his head. “Never mind. I know I scare Shawn. I’m not stupid.” He went the rest of the way to the stool, and I decided to sit back at my easel. “It’s not like I do it on purpose. Shawn hasn’t done anything to make me hate him. Well, other than taking my picture.” Miranda stopped dancing at that and looked over at Michael like she thought he was insane.

“You seriously would hate someone because they tried to take your picture?” she asked. Michael seemed to think about this, but he didn’t look over to my easel, where I had the picture of us at the beach set up to draw from.

“Well no, I just don’t like my picture taken,” he said. “I’m sure you can understand that kind of thing, Miranda.” Miranda shrugged and continued dancing around, jumping up onto the table and swinging around.

“I’m a performer, Michael; I thrive on the kind of attention that’s paid to you by people who want to take your picture,” she said. Michael shrugged his shoulders and turned to watch as I started drawing. “I honestly can’t understand how I got a brother who hates the attention.” She took a couple steps across the table. “Actually, you used to love that kind of attention. Why don’t you anymore, Michael?”

“I loved that kind of attention because I thought I needed it,” Michael said. “Now I realize I don’t.” He met my eye for a couple seconds and smiled, all of which Miranda completely ignored in favor of her own dancing.


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  1. AW. I giggled.
    Yes. I’m behind on your novel excerpts D:
    oh, btw. I haven’t read Half Truths. Or Telling Lies >___>

    Comment by Alice — November 18, 2009 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

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