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November 18, 2009

Novel Excerpt- November 18’th

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“I’m in the math and science department, Miranda,” he said. “I am not in any way, shape or form a performer.”

“I dunno, you played straight pretty well for several years,” Miranda said. “You even had that girlfriend Natalie, remember? Whatever happened to her? I don’t think you two actually officially broke up.”

“Yes we did, Miranda, you just didn’t see it,” Michael said, looking over to me instead. “I told her I had gotten into Clearbell and she told me to take a hike.” Miranda stopped dancing at that and looked utterly confused.

“She doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would do that so harshly,” she said. Michael shrugged.

“Well, maybe not in so many words, but she broke up with me, that’s all that really matters,” he said. “And I haven’t even talked to her in so long it just seems… worse than it was, I guess.”

“Yeah, but if you hadn’t broken up with her, you may never have gotten me,” I said with a grin. Michael rolled his eyes.

“If Natalie hadn’t broken up with me then, one of us would’ve done it sooner or later,” he said. “I doubt she could last through a relationship where she could only see me on holidays and vacations.”

I stared at the canvas before me in the silence that ensued. Miranda had walked over so that she was closer to Michael, but she didn’t seem ready to say anything.

“You know what I should do?” Miranda asked, pulling up a stool so she could sit beside her brother. I had started drawing again as an attempt to show that I wanted nothing to do with guessing what Miranda should do. When Michael saw I wasn’t taking this one, he sighed and turned around on his stool so he was facing his sister.

“I don’t know, Miranda. What should you do?” he asked. Miranda grinned at that, knowing her brother had taken the bait.

“I’m going to call up Natalie and ask her to visit this weekend,” she said. When Michael gaped at her, Miranda held her hands up defensively. “Hey, she was my friend too, and we dropped out of each other’s lives when I came here to Clearbell. I didn’t even want to, but since you two had broken up it seemed kind of like rubbing salt in the wound to keep having her around.”

Michael sighed and slumped a little. I had never seen him react like this to any idea ever, even Miranda’s bad ones.

“Fine,” he said. “If Natalie would be willing to actually come and visit I’m not complaining. But don’t expect her to say yes.” Miranda stuck her tongue out at Michael as she stood up.

“You haven’t even tried to contact her since we came to Clearbell,” she said. “For all you know she wants to make up and get back together with you.” She glanced over at me at that. “Not that it would work, of course, but you can’t blame the girl for trying. We’re both pretty good-looking people.”

“Then see if she wants to go out with you,” Michael said. Miranda ignored him and started dialing on her phone as she headed into the hall so we could hear her.


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