Artistic License

January 8, 2010

Artistic License progress

Filed under: Editing — Joana @ 1:57 pm

I’ve been doing a lot of editing lately for AL.  I posted it up on a website for young-adult stories called inkpop (it can be found at  It’s far from perfect, and I haven’t even done edits to the full draft yet, but I like the way it’s progressing.  If there are people reading this that aren’t yet on inkpop, I’d love it if you could go on there and take a look!

As I said before, I’ve been doing a lot of edits to it, but I’ve also learned a few things about the editing process: you shouldn’t listen to all of your critics.  I think they purposefully try to contradict each other.  It’s some kind of conspiracy, I swear.  While I’ve gotten a lot of valuable critiques on what I have up so far, not all of it is valid or applicable to my writing.  In other words: you can’t please everyone.  This is kind of a problem I used to have.  Everyone has their own opinion on how a piece should go, but they’re just that: opinions.  Not all of them are well-informed and can often hurt the piece more than help it.

So basically I’m gonna go forward with editing Artistic License as I get more feedback via inkpop and anywhere else I put it.  At this point I’ve decided not to give the rough draft to people unless it’s just because they want to read what I wrote for NaNo.  I’ve changed and edited so much that it’s better if you just read it online XD

And I do plan to revive this blog, since I’m still working on Artistic License.  Until next time, fans.


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