Artistic License

January 18, 2010

Status update- January 18’th

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I’m back at college, which means two things- twenty-four/seven internet access and classes taking up my time.  While I do carry around my writing notebook with me everywhere, I tend to not write an incredible amount during classes because I actually have to pay attention at least part of the time (or else my professors tell me I need to when they see I’m not taking class notes).

However, over the weekend while I was still home, I managed to rewrite a good chunk of Artistic License, a couple chapters that would be near the end.  Of course, as far as posting on inkpop is concerned, these particular chapters won’t see the light of day any time soon since I have so much between what’s online now and those chapters to still edit and post.

Despite the fact that my schedule is somewhat more busy, I’m hoping that this semester at college will be a lot better.  I went through a lot of emotional stress the last time, but I’m off the medication that we think caused it (and no, it wasn’t anti-depressants).  I realize anyone that still reads this blog might not be interested about my personal state, but I thought that just might be an interesting tid-bit.  And warning in case I suddenly drop off the face of the earth again.

Until next time 😀


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