Artistic License

March 3, 2010

Status Update- March 3rd

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Well, Artistic License failed to stay in the top five for the month of February, which means that I won’t be getting that review just yet.  However, it also means that I have that much longer to edit it and up its quality so that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’d be lucky enough for HarperTeen to want to pick it up…

Yeah, in my dreams.

Artistic License is currently on its third draft.  There’s a lot I still want to do to improve it, but I really like how it is so far.  Always room for improvements, as my obsessive editing of miniscule details will tell you.

Until next time.



  1. Hi there! I saw your blog listed in the NaNoWriMo thread on Participants’ Blogs and have seen you around the site commenting in quite a few of the forums I hang out in, so I thought I’d check out your blog.

    And I’m glad I did. I learned something new. There’s inkpop in addition to the other HarperCollin’s self-promotion site: authonomy. I didn’t know they had two such websites out there. I totally understand why you’re using inkpop considering your target audience, and congratulations on doing so well in the rankings over there! I went and checked some of the comments on your book, and it looks like you’ve got some avid followers.

    That said, I do have a question for you: what prompted you to post your novel on inkpop? I only ask because I’m wary of doing something like that myself. After reading all the tips and tricks in NaNo’s forums, I’m a little iffy about places where you publish the entire novel, even if it is through HarperCollins. So I’m curious about what made you decide to use inkpop.

    Anyway, I do hope you do well during the month of March, and while I would normally be interested in joining a site like that to read all the fresh new writing, my own book list has grown to epic proportions, and I doubt I’ll be done reading for a while! 😀

    Comment by Rae — March 10, 2010 @ 11:07 pm | Reply

    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I’ve been having computer issues, and I’m currently doing this reply on a computer in my college’s tech center.

      1: I posted it on inkpop because I wanted opinions on it outside of the people that already read my stuff. I post stories I’m not serious about on FictionPress, but the feedback there is either all negative or all positive, with no room for people who would actually help me improve. I don’t know many writers in real life (even though I’m a creative writing major, sad right?) so I thought it was the best way to get it out there.

      2: A lot of people post their novel online these days, but the biggest risk, I think, with that is if you want to get it out to an agent or publisher later, there’s the risk that someone saved it to their computer, whether they just wanted to read it on their own or whether they wanted to try to copy/plagiarize is for their own purposes. Inkpop actually has copy/paste disabled on the story pages. There are work-arounds, of course, but I’ve found most plagiarizers are lazy 🙂

      A lot of people say that if you publish online you lose your first distribution rights, but from what I can tell, that doesn’t really apply unless you keep it online after you send it out for querying. But then, who would be doing that? You wouldn’t want a curious agent to Google text from the manuscript just in case and find it, would you?

      Actually, I believe three books have been published via Authonomy, though I think only one of those was in the top five; the other ones were top one hundreds! Inkpop hasn’t had any yet, but it’s only been online and out of beta for a few months (it was put up in October and you initially needed a password to sign up.)

      I can’t very well vouch for Authonomy, though, as when I was looking for more writing communities to be a part of, I stumbled across it and didn’t really like the looks of it. I don’t know, maybe it was just the general atmosphere that the website puts off, but it just didn’t seem all that friendly. Inkpop is definitely a good community even if you don’t plan on posting your writing. Though the forums can get a bit catty XD But that’s the way it is with any community, right?

      Comment by Joana — March 11, 2010 @ 5:46 pm | Reply

      • No worries about replies. I know how computer problems go! LOL.

        It’s nice that inkpop has copy/paste disabled. I know that’s got to be a bit of a relief for the cautious authors out there. It’s a little difficult to read things on computer screens for ages, but most of us writers have started in some form reading large chunks of text online, so there’s little to really complain about there. (I started with fanfiction – I get so wrapped up in those stories on!)

        Yeah, I was doing some research on Authonomy today for a post I wrote about it, and I noticed that most of the novels published from there were actually books that HC pulled from among the rest of the piles rather than from the top 5.

        My NaNovel was more YA than anything (with a 19-year-old MC surrounded by 18-24 year olds, I figure it qualifies), so I’m a little interested in inkpop as an outlet for posting excerpts, but I’m not sold yet. Besides, I still have tons of editing to do. And then I’m also writing another YA story now that’s going to be much grittier than the fantasy. I may check out inkpop’s community and see what it’s all about.

        Thanks for answering my question! I’m really glad to get an insider opinion. Oh, and I also finagled another nice bit of info: I’d considered doing Fiction Press but was afraid it would be too difficult to get support for my writing there. Thanks for commenting on that, too! (Even though I didn’t ask about it… lol.)

        Comment by Rae — March 11, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

    • Sorry that I’m replying to your original comment (it’s my OCD; I want it under the second one!) but the second one doesn’t have a reply link on it so.

      As far as inkpop goes, the actual writing part is pretty good. The most you have to do is ignore people that comment on your story asking you to read theirs, but there aren’t that many that will do that anymore 🙂 The biggest problem, I think, is the forums. I said before that it can get catty, and it really can. Just yesterday there were a lot of people like “Oh this is all about popularity, no one cares about me!”, which frankly isn’t true! I didn’t rise as fast as some other people, but if my book weren’t slapped up on the front page for everyone to see every day, I don’t think many people would know who I am XD

      And yeah, you can just post parts of your novel. If you can decide how much you think would be a good basis for judgement on it, you could feel free to not post it all. And if you did end up signing up, I’m sure I could point you towards a few people who do real critiques XD Like paragraphs and paragraphs.

      Comment by Joana — March 11, 2010 @ 11:38 pm | Reply

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