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September 27, 2009

How Cameron and Michael’s relationship started

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Cameron and Michael both went to Clearbell Academy their freshman year but had never really talked.  Michael was depressed because of his parents recently divorcing, plus the fact that people in the math and science department kind of tended to be separated from the various artistic departments at the school.  Cameron had a short-lived affair with a guy a year ahead of him in the visual arts department named Jean, which made Cameron realize he was gay.  Cameron had been going out with his former best friend Sarah at the time, who he had dumped thinking that Jean would want him.  Jean didn’t, though, and so Cameron spent the summer after freshman year depressed and trying to figure himself out.

Sophomore year, Michael’s twin-sister Miranda, who had talked to Cameron on and off the previous year, saw that he was in about the same state of mind as Michael and had the ingenious idea that throwing two depressed guys together would somehow fix things.  It didn’t work that well until their younger sister Stacey came to visit one weekend and recognized Cameron as the guy that found her and brought her back to Miranda and Michael when they had gone to the same Fourth of July fireworks display during the summer.  With that good dead in mind, Michael decided to get to know Cameron a bit better, which eventually led to Cameron telling Michael he’s gay (though not how he found out).

They actually got together in late November, when they went sledding together after class on a day when there had been a huge snowstorm.  Michael had confessed to his best friend Misty that he had feelings for Cameron but didn’t really know how to express them, and Misty had told Michael to ‘do something spontaneous’.  Something spontaneous ended up being Michael kissing Cameron when they crashed at the bottom of the hill after a run.

And the rest, as a writer would say, is a novel 😛


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