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October 12, 2009

Cheesy Romantic Lines I Have To Use

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I was recently let loose in the “Adopt A Romantic Line” thread at NaNoWriMo and thought I’d chronicle here the ones that I plan to use in my novel in November.  Well.  Probably changed a bit, but the general gist.


"I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. But if it was my fault I think I would probably go crazy."

"You want me to grovel? I’ll grovel! You want me to beg, I’ll beg! You want me to crawl around on the floor and kiss the toes of your shoes? Just say the word and I’m eating dirt. Just please, say something. Let me make it up to you. Because I can’t live without you."

1.(joking) "Keep this up and I will seriously reconsider being with you."
2.(serious) "Don’t even joke about that."
1.(surprised) "What?"
2."I worry about that every single day. I have no idea how I was lucky enough that you chose me, and now I’m sure the karma of it all is just waiting on the sidelines to snap you away from me again."


September 21, 2009

Plot sypnosis

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Okay, so I’m sure some of you are wondering just what Artistic License is actually about.  Well, I don’t… actually have it completely mapped-out, but I’ll do my best to explain it.

Artistic License is about a bunch of kids, as every Young Adult-genre book is.  It’s told from the first-person point of view of Cameron Nile, a Junior at Clearbell Academy of Fine Arts, in the Visual Arts department.  There’s his boyfriend Michael, who’s in the Math/Science program, Michael’s sister Miranda in the dancing program, their friend Misty in the writing program, and so on.  Artistic License just kind of… chronicles their journey through the first part of their junior year as things start to change for them.  Clearbell is a fairly liberal school so the story isn’t about hate and homophobia, but more just centered around the kind of growing up that teenagers do at that age, whether they’re straight OR gay.  And just as the story that these characters came from (That’s Life, on my FictionPress account) there will be copious amounts of cotton-candy fluff in the middle of all that drama 🙂

I… guess that’s the best way I can explain it!  There will be more as I develop the story events better.  Until next time, everyone!

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